Xp Drivers for A135-S2286
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Thread: Xp Drivers for A135-S2286

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    Xp Drivers for A135-S2286

    looked all over the net and i cant find xp drivers for my toshiba satellite A135-S2286. It came with windows vista pre-installed and i was hoping that someone on this forum have downgrade to xp on a toshiba satellite A135-S2286 and was very successful in making all the drivers work. thanks in advance!

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    What a Coincidence ....

    Wow, funny you posted this message today. I JUST downgraded (or upgraded, however you look at it) my A135-S2286 from Vista to XP YESTERDAY!

    I looked through this forum which helped alot, but didn't find anything specific to the S2286 model, I found several drivers for S2276 model. Anyhow, this is what I did:

    For SM Bus problem, I downloaded the latest ATI Catalyst 8.1 and manually installed the driver from there. I couldn't install the video driver from this package.

    For the Video driver, I downloaded Omega drivers and used those, work great.

    For Audio, I went to realteks website and downloaded the High Def and AC'97 drivers ... had to install both.

    Then I used Toshibas software modem driver from the Vista CD ... and just installed it .. seems to work.

    Hooked up the laptop to wired ethernet and got the wireless ethernet driver by just doing a search on windows update.

    Now........ for the problems .......

    I am left with two "unknown" devices ... everything is working, but those two unknowns are annoying.

    Secondly, the most annoying thing .... every few minutes my mouse cursor freezes, so basically the system freezes and then starts working again after a few seconds .... other people complained about this too (for other models) ... don't know if they fixed it.

    So, I am not happy ... freezing for a few seconds after a few minutes is not acceptable .... so if anyone out there has a perfect solution .... please help.


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    thanks mhchaudhry!

    i will try this later on today.

    hopefully theres other solutions we can try out to make everything work properly.

    thanks again!

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