just answer this question dammit
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Thread: just answer this question dammit

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    just answer this question dammit

    I want to start quake in DOS before it boots up to windows. Now how do I write a command in autoexec.bat in order to start the .exe file BEFORE it boots into windows? E.g the file is in c:\quake\quake.exe. I dont wanna be rude but just answer this question and I dont want splatt to come with any stupid suggestions. Thx

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    If you are running Win9x then it's going to be hard. The only way I know it right when you see starting Win9x hit F8. Select command prompt. Somebody is going to have to answer the batch file part. It's been so long since I worked with Autoexec.bat. I mostly use Linux now. If I remember how to do it I will come back and post it.

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    JESUS, man, you dont have to pepper the same board with multiple posts. Its not that hard to do it on your own, you know, all you have to do is goto the Quake directory and then type "quake" at the prompt...lazy ***...

    Ok: there is no way to do this with win95 unless you hit F8 on bootup, and select "command prompt only". The rest can be accomplished by the following:

    Put these lines at the END of your autoexec.bat file (you can leave off the REM lines:

    REM change the drive to the one with quake
    REM I assume its c:
    REM change the directory to quake
    REM change it to whatever the dir is on yours

    thats it. Treat it like a command prompt.
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