hard disck doble Part C 18% freand D 88%fre
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Thread: hard disck doble Part C 18% freand D 88%fre

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    hard disck doble Part C 18% freand D 88%fre

    My PC witch winows XP Profecional, have 80GB hard disck. Local disck C: have 16 GB. Local disck D: witch 60GB. The local D: have 3.3 gb free and Local Disck D: have 53 GB free.
    Haw I can swich or joint both. Only Local disck C:? Suggestion.


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    If you asking what to use, to merge partitions on one HDD,
    You can use software such as Acronis Disk Director Suite
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    Many of us set up our hard drives with two partitions, as yours is now. We keep our operation system (OS) and programs on C but store all our data on D. It makes it easier to reinstall the OS if it becomes necessary, and easier to make a backup image of the OS, and to backup our data.

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