Corrupted Hard Drive Partition
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Thread: Corrupted Hard Drive Partition

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    Unhappy Corrupted Hard Drive Partition

    I have a Compaq PC with Windows XP Home Edition. Recently, I have been getting excessive amounts of viruses on the computer, which caused a significant decrease in it's performance. I tried to use my backup disk to reboot it so I could run the antivirus program more efficiently, but couldn't because it says the partition in my Hitachi Hard Drive is corrupt. Is there ANY way to get my pictures and I-Tunes downloaded music off of this hard drive?

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    Run the Hitachi hdd diagnostic utility to check the integrity of the drive. It won't damage your data. These utilities run from a bootable disk, floppy or cd.
    If the disk, or parts of it, are readable, you can install it as a slave in another computer and copy your data over. If this is a notebook drive, you can use a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter (only about $10) to connect it into a desktop, if the drive is IDE.

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    I tried to use my backup disk to reboot it
    What do you mean by that? Did you attempt a restore or an xp repair install?

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    Thanks for the tips! I contacted Hitachi and they suggested the same thing. To run their diagnostic test.
    The back up CD I used was a backup I created when I got the computer. The last time I ran it, I didn't do the full system restore, but a partial restore and most everything I had on the computer showed up again after running the cd (e.g. pictures I added, music I downloaded etc). But this time, it wouldn't let me run the cd because of a corrupt partition.
    But like I said, I'll try a diagnostic test to see what the problem is. Hitachi GST also recently gave me 3 websites that restore lost data. Hopefully I can fix it using these resources.

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