Help!!!!!!! Which one?????
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Thread: Help!!!!!!! Which one?????

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    Help!!!!!!! Which one?????

    I have an AMD K6-2 333Mhz and I currently have a voodoo2. Im getting a new motherboard w/agp slot. What Video card should I get? Voodoo3 3000, TNT2, or Rage Fury?????

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    voodoo and AMD are like peanutbutter and jelly,they go together well,that would be your best chice ,3dfx always has good 3dnow drivers for AMD chips.What m/b asus p5ab?I have p5ab and k62-333 o/c to 402.5 and the voodoo3 3000 works excellent,no problems as of yet.good luck also go to get the best price for your vid card.

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