nVidia's NV10 (TNT3) Due out in fall 99
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Thread: nVidia's NV10 (TNT3) Due out in fall 99

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    nVidia's NV10 (TNT3) Due out in fall 99

    No kidding, www.sharkyextreme.com has the road map up for nVidia and this new card is due out here in a few months already. What does everyone TNT2 enthusiast think about that one? Are you going to buy a TNT2 or wait to buy the NV10, this puppy comes with 64 megs of on board ram! whooo, unfortunately since I have a K-6 2 processor I am very much for the Voodoo3. Let me know what you think

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    I have a TnT, not really a pro TnT or anti anything, but the NV10, if it is ad advertised will be far beyond everything else out there on a consumer level. Hardware based triangle and lighting setup. Those 2 features are mainly what seperates consumer cards and nice workstation level cards, well, that and a decent Opengl ICD
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