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    AMD to Intel

    OK guys, this is rather a long one but heres my predicament.

    I've been visiting this site for some time now, and although this isn't strictly a graphics card issue, i know that most of the intelligence centers around this discussion site.

    I consider myself to be fairly competent with the world of IT, but aren't affraid to put my hand up when I don't know something.

    I currently have the following system, which is still only 5 weeks old
    AMD K6-2 350
    128meg PC100 SDRAM
    V550 TNT card
    Adaptec SCSI host adapter
    Yamaha 4416s Re-writer
    SB PCI128
    blah blah blah

    I wouldn't normally consider upgrading this early into my purchase, but an opportunity has come u that has made it viable.
    I do a lot of IT consultancy (not hardware but systems and software development) and a client wants me to supply him with not only the software, but also the hardware.

    I now have the opportunity to absorb the cost of buying some of the components into the development side etc, the outcome of which is that i could exchange my existing processor and motherboard into the new system, and place a asus motherboard with P2 450 chip into mine.

    This would leave me making little money out of the deal, but would leave me with the processing power which is better suited to the rest of my system (especially TNT)

    What would some of you knowledgeable guys suggest? since I have never had a lot to do with Intel, and would not normally go to the expense of the Intel chip were it not for this opportunity.

    I understand that the P2 chip is better at DVD software decoding as well?

    So come on guys, give me your pearls of wisdom. The guy is aware that he would get some of my 5 week old components, so I don't want anyone giving me a morality trip

    Thanks for the help, i know you'll deliver the right advice. I'd be particularly appreciative of any comments from people that have made a similar conversion themselves

    should i
    1. Take the upgrade?
    2. Take the money?


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    Have you considered getting a K63-450 instead? or can you wait until the K7 comes out (not sure when though?) I am not anti INtel, have a PII 266 myself, but as this is cheaper than the PII-450 you can use the extra $ for more ram/hd/toys/whatever ;-)

    As to is it better? The K62-350 is not as good as the PII450 mainy because the PII is substantially faster - if you were comparing 450 to 450, it would be a closer call...
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    yeah, twould be easier to buy a k6-3 450.

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    I would suggest to you either of the the K6-2/3 chips. I'm not too familiar with the K6-2...but I do know that AMD geared the K6-3 to compete with the PIII chips, and it does just that. The K6-3 follows the AMD tradition of giving you a great chip with a low cost.

    Keep in mind that the K7 will be released June 23 and that prices will drop again when this happens. As for DVD, since you have such a high-end processor as it is, you won't be able to tell a difference. Most of what you are thinking about is handled by the DVD encoder card. I am running an old Cyrix 200 (The one with the really low floating points) and my DVD player works just fine.

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    I do this kind of "deal" quite a lot. =P
    In fact, that's how I'd managed to upgrade for the last few years or so, and MAKING money in the process also.

    I'd say you should think about your customer's technical level too. If he's an average user, I'd say you shouldn't give him your K6-2. It could create problems for him and it won't make you look good since you sold him the system. With right combination and good hardware, it's really stable, but honestly, in my experience, there are fewer problems with a Slot 1 system.

    I used to use a K6-2 300 OC to 350 happily for a few months, but when I got the chance, I switched over to Celeron 300A OC to 450. Even at 300 MHz, it was a close match for the K6-2 350. Screw the benchmarks, I'm talking of my own observation and normal use.

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    almost an intel rules from mole(lol)
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    Thanks guys

    Mole. I think what you say is correct, but the deal is not intended to rip the guy off. He is aware that he would get my processor, and as a result I won't charge him the full consultancy rate that I normally would. Plus this way, I benefit without it going through the books, hence the tax man doesn't get his hands on it.
    As for going for the K6-3, i must admit I had thought of that, but the lack of decent benchmarks etc leaves me a little unsure. Couple this with the fact that I still own a TNT card (not the greatest thing to connect with an AMD) and the P2 chip sounds like a good, cheap short term solution that should see me OK for the next 6 months.

    I'll have a think about it, and let you know which way I go.



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