Current configuration:
AMD Athlon 850MHz
Asus AV7-133
SilenX 450w PSU
SilenX 80mm case fans X 2
512 Megs RAM
60 GB WD hard drive
80 GB WD hard drive X 2
Windows 98SE
Zoom V90 PCI Faxmodem

My last build was in May 2000. The reason for doing so again is to build a system capable of video editing. When I built in 2000 it was so simple to select the components. My needs were few and so were the available selections. Now I want more and there is too much and too confusing a selection process.

My general usage is for spreadsheets and surfing.

My new endeavor is to begin video capturing from VHS and burn to DVD. I have many original tapes that are no longer available that will require editing before burning.

1.) I am impressed with the reports on the Antec Sonata III. It appears to reduce noise levels and has a solid power supply. The only objection is the front door.
2.) I currently have an Asus motherboard and except for the chip set fan dying on me it has caused no problems.
3.) I understand that the Intel CPU's have a little more power than the AMD's. I have also read that keeping Intel cpu's on Intel boards may reduce conflicts.
4.) I was thinking along the lines of an Intel E6550 2.33 GHZ or there abouts.
5.) The motherboard for the above CPU really eludes me. On my current system I planned for future expansion and would like to not limit myself too much this time, future move to a Quad-core for example.
6.) I would like the motherboard to be able to run Windows 98SE. I know it is not being supported but I have some old software that I run and may use a dual boot system.
7.) I would like to use Windows XP Home Edition which I own but do not use.
8.) I am okay with onboard audio. It's probably much better than what I have now.
9.) RAM - 2-3 GB, which manufacture and speed?
10.) Video capture hardware? One local vendor suggested a TV card with input ports and software. I do not watch TV when using the computer.
11.) Cost ??? $1500- $2000. Anything short of that might allow me to purchase a flat panel monitor.
12.) I do not currently OC my system, but I understand that the new motherboards and cpu's are more tolerant that the older ones.

I could really use a good jumping off place for this new build. Any good configurations that I might research and refine would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.