Unusual problem with HP1220C printer!
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Thread: Unusual problem with HP1220C printer!

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    Unusual problem with HP1220C printer!

    I have a problem with my HP1220C color printer that is rather unusual. Let me state that I have never had a major problem with this printer until now.

    I tried to print an NCAA pdf (Acrobat) document, and it did not print, but seemed to 'stop up' the buffer. The amber light came on signaling that a problem exists, but it WILL NOT clear out. I have checked for jams, and anything else, but to no avail.

    I have repeatedly gone and deleted any print held for the printer, also to no avail.

    Short of taking the printer apart, and pulling the 'buffer chip', I don't know how else to fix it, and I am not sure if that would or not.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Try turning off the pc and the printer.
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    Which pdf reader are you using? Acrobat Reader 8.1 is bloated. You can try something else like Foxit or Sumatra.

    Did you look for updated printer drivers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapshot9
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    I have the same printer too and it stopped working 2 months ago. Unfortunately I don't have the time disassemble and repair it. Still one of the best A3 size printers around and will be fixing as soon as I have some free time to do so.

    I would suggest searching Google for the HP1220C Service Manual to troubleshoot the printer.
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