RFC: Devices without Drivers
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Thread: RFC: Devices without Drivers

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    RFC: Laptop Devices without Drivers

    I bought my dad a shiny Toshiba A135-S4656 and upgraded it to XP. Despite having a Celeron, it tops my Toshiba A135-S2386 Dual Core because it has a firewire port and a CF slot.

    The Audio, Video, Compact Flash, Firewire, USB, Wireless, LAN port, Modem, CD \ DVD, video out all work: a functionaing computer. That being said , there are a couple of devices that I have not installed drivers (see attachments). The display is stable (1280 x 800) despite what the attachment shows.

    I am not overly concerned because the computer works fine, however, I would be interested in understanding the consequences \ limitations of not having the drivers installed.

    I have lots of drivers that I could try, however, because everything seems to work well, I have no way of proving that the newly installed drivers are working properly. Any insight as to how to test these devices would be appreciated. One of the is unknown, so I would not expect a comment on that one, however, it would be good to know how to identify it.

    All constructive comments are appreciated.
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