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Thread: computer sees new SATA as primary

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    Yup. It could be the way the manufacturer implemented the chipset/controller. Intel, Nvidia, VIA, SIS, etc all do things a little different.

    The point is if your SATAII drive isn't seen, try the compatibility jumper first.

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    A new SATA controller would probably work. The two SATA cards I have are PCI for the first generation drives. I ended up having difficulties accessing the drive from Ubuntu (I got a "you don't have permission to write to this drive" message). I tried everything I could think of, then gave up and moved the drive to my only remaining computer (A64/4000 Alienware). It would not work there, either from the mobo or the card, until I put the jumper on 5-6. I tried 1-2 and 3-4 but they didn't work. As of now, the drive is working fine. I am using it to backup large files and thought it would be a little better to have it in one of my other machines, doing the backup through the router.

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