I have a Dell 8100 Pentium 4, running XP Home. The boot disk is the factory (IBM) IDE drive. I added a second drive (a WD SATA) and a SATA card. All of this works fine. Today I installed a second WD SATA drive (the new 750 GB model) and plugged it into the open SATA connector on the card. When I turned the computer on, it immediately found the new WD drive and said "primary." At that point, it was dead. Obviously, the computer thinks the new drive should be the boot drive. I disconnected the drive and looked for some way to disable the boot path to the drive in the BIOS. I don't see anything to change. The boot sequence is floppy, optical disk, hard disk.

I also tried to start the computer with a boot CD in place (Ultimate Boot CD), but it still stopped when it identified the new drive and would not boot from the CD.

How can I get the computer to boot from the usual old drive, so that I can format and use the new one?