Hi to all,

Please bear with me, I'm new to upgrading hard drives, and I have what I hope is a simple question. My PC now has a very smooth running Windows XP operating system, which I recently reinstalled after an upgrade to Vista. I got a little frustrated with some things in Vista, so I went back to XP.

Now, I am wondering if I can purchase a new hard drive, remove this existing drive, install the new drive, and install XP, and then the Vista upgrade onto the new drive, and have two drives for the same computer, and then be able to swap them as I wished between the two hard drives?? I would of course mount the new drive next to the existing one, and just swap the IDE cable between the two...(with the PC powered down, of course!!)

I am aware of the option of a dual boot, with the partition and all that, but I would much prefer to have a stable, smooth running system to fall back on in case some of my Vista experiments go bad...I don't mind spending the money on the new drive, that isn't an issue. I just want to know if it is a feasible option, to have two HD's, and be able to switch back and forth at will ?? (I'd probably not switch more than every few days or weeks at at time)

Also, regarding the installation of the OS's in question to the new HD....the XP OS is part of a recovery disc that came with the PC, do you think it will run on the new HD? (I used it to go back to XP from Vista, it did a complete format) Also, regarding the Vista upgrade, will it let me install on this same PC but with a new HD? I read somewhere about a "bios lock" ?, so maybe it won't be an issue with the new HD?

Thank you in advance for any tips, all are very much appreciated !!