I had a Dell Poweredge 4600 which was running RIAD-5 on three 36GB SCSI harddisk drives with a PERC 2C SCSI RAID controller card.
I wanted to mirror the volume using some software utility. Although many claims that you cant create a mirror image of an raid-5 array I was able to create images with R-Drive Image 4.0 without a problem. I even restored the image to a SATA 80GB harddisk drive and accessed the contents. I only took the images of the two main partitions. There was another small partition with all the dell system utilities which I didn’t care about…

Now when I tried to boot from the SATA harddisk on a deferent computer, the system hangs at the message “Verifying DMI pool data….”. I know even a perfectly created mirror image wont work straight off on a deferent computer, but I cannot even get to the “Inaccessible boot device” screen.

When I check the drive with Partition magic it reports “"Disk 2 appears to have partitions created using a different drive geometry (1h 1s).....” and displays the drive as BAD.
I don’t know this happens because of a problem that occurred at the image creation process or is it simply a problem with the partitions? or is it because I didnt copied the dell system utilities partition?

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

P.S: Now I don’t have access to the original poweredge. I only have the mirrored images.