Ever wonder where your money goes on ebay?
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Thread: Ever wonder where your money goes on ebay?

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    Ever wonder where your money goes on ebay?

    i just found out where my money almost went.

    ive been looking for a laptop, my t40 tanked on me, i mean i tanked it when i somehow set a bios password that i dont know.

    so i found a deal, and asked the question "does it have s-vid out?"

    original email conversation, edited slightly for privacy.

    him- No. Are you stil interested?


    Man, that is a huge disappointment for me. It appears that none of the 1501's have tv-out. What a shame. I like your laptop though, but im not spending over $600 shipped, so unless you want to accept that I guess I have to look elsewhere.



    first, how did you find my email?


    Ebay gave it to me- the email address you use to sign up for ebay is available to any ebay member to see once you reply to a question.

    As bad as I want s-vid, it appears the laptops with s-vid are getting more and more scarce. I guess I just have to lower that priority on my list...

    I can pay you tonight in full, via paypal with a confirmed address to ********** if you want to do it for $600. You can save all of the software if you want, not sure if you can (prepackaged). I donít need any of that, but I am fond of the vista home premium so please keep that in the deal.

    Let me know, im going to pick up my paycheck at 5pm cdt and it will be burning holes in my pocket

    Also, it does seem that ebay does not include your email when you reply to me, but when I hit "reply" in office 2007, It pops up a reply window with your hotmail address already typed in. not sure why its like that, but it always has been that way for me for any trader. I rarely use the ebay mailbox for sending/receiving questions, its much faster to use outlook.



    i then replied asking him for an apology, and he did

    If you are not actually a scammer, I apologize. I have received a lot of scammer emails for just this ad. This upsets me very much.

    If you're interested in it, I will sell it for $625. I don't make a dime for it. I thought I bought to resell but it seems hard to sell. But this transaction has to be through Ebay and paid via PayPal with a confirmed mailing address.

    Again, I apologize for that rudeness.

    so thats about where we are at. i wrote him back telling him ill think about it, but im not sure if i want to give my money to him now.

    what do you guys think about this one?

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    The first thing I would look at is the feedback on the seller. I would say if he/she has more the 98% good then you shouldn't have any problems.
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    well we swapped a couple more emails (his feedback was 52/100%+) and he was able to get me to bite on it. he went out and shipped it the minute i paid him, and this is a sealed/brand new from dell laptop so im pretty confident it will be fine.

    he had purchased this from dell awhile ago and hasnt been able to get the profit he wanted, apparently he had some dell coupons to use or something and he got this laptop for $610. its pretty much loaded for the 1505 model line though, if you configue it on dells site its over 900.

    should be here next week. even worse then the non-existant s-vid though is no internal bluetooth support either. no way to add it apparently even. i use bluetooth a lot so this is a bummer but oh well.

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    So you have a laptop with no s-video and no bluetooth, 2 features you use. Apart from that you are getting a loaded laptop for a good price.
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    Can't you buy USB bluetooth adapters?
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    looks like i typod that last one, its a 1501 not 1505 (the 1505 is capable of internal bluetooth, but about $200 overall more)

    i was looking to spend 500 on a used pentium M machine, so a brand new dual core rig is a nice surpirse. i never used s-vid before, but i have always thought it might come in handy, thats all. i do use bluetooth, and i have a usb adapter but it sticks out to the point of annoyance. they all do. there will be the MoGo Dapter comming out in the fall they say, but it was supposed to be out now. its small enough to not be bothersome

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    jeez, talk about paranoid. You must be a scammer because you prefer to use Outlook rather than ebay's message system? Who doesn't?

    Hope the lappy works out anyway. Sounds like a decent deal I guess.
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