What upgrade option to go with? Voodoo3, TNT2 or SLI(voodoo2)
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Thread: What upgrade option to go with? Voodoo3, TNT2 or SLI(voodoo2)

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    What upgrade option to go with? Voodoo3, TNT2 or SLI(voodoo2)

    I currently have a old 4MB ATI 3D Expression video card and a 8MB Diamond Monster Voodoo2 add-on card and I'm looking to upgrade but don't really know which way to go?

    My first option would be to buy another Voodoo2(SLI) but I have a 8MB D-M Voodoo2. If I can't find a new 8MB voodoo2, will a 12MB Voodoo2 work properly with my 8MB?

    My second option would be a Voodoo3. Can I use a Voodoo3 and a Voodoo2 together(SLI)?

    My third option would be to wait for the TNT2. Is the TNT2 as good as they say it is or is it all hype? Are the drivers for the TNT2 as reliable and good as my voodoo2?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated and would like to say thank you to everyone who replies this message.
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    Quetion 1 , no. Question 2, no.It looks ok, but the only thing that will matter are the benchmarks. Since its newer you will have to wait for the patches\driver upgrades to mature.

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    Get a Voodoo3 3000, its faster then Voodoo2 SLI and when it come to 32 or 16bit coloring.. Most games are wrote in 16bit color, so I would go with Voodoo3 2000 or 3000, 3500 if you got the cash...

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    TNT2 has 3DNow! drivers, but from what I've read, they suck. If your looking for support for an AMD CPU, go voodoo3, otherwise TNT2 really does outperform voodoo3 at a lower clock speed.
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    I find myself in the exact same situation. I am also running an add-on Diamond M3d II (8Mb). From the research I've done, the choices aren't easy.

    The Voodoo3 set looks very impresive. Early benchmarks show that it will at least give the TNT 2 a decent competition. The fact that the V3 architecture doesn't support 32 bit color depth shouldn't be too discouraging so long as 3Dfx manages to maintain a good picture quality (which it has done with every card except the Banshee). Interestingly enough, it appears that the latest drivers for the V3 set have improved performance quite a bit (this goes to show that the prvious drivers for these cards have not taken full advantage of the V3 hardware, and that any performance benchmarks already published should be, at best, viewed as baselines which will slowly improve in the future.)

    The TNT2 looks good as well. While it hasn't fully matured yet, the wait may well be worth it. A look at current benchmarks show astounding performance to say the least. Other than that, substantial, stable information isn't really available for this product yet. Give it a few weeks. (Riva will probably want to hit the market as close to the release of the V3 3500 as possible)

    Perhaps the major factor to consider here
    is the environment into which these cards will be introduced. TNT based video cards have shown themselves to be much more CPU dependant than their Voodoo counterparts (not a good thing for early Pentium and AMD users). On the plus side, this translates into a large performance boost if you plan to slap this card into a power system. Voodoo based cards are less biased than this. You won't see the same performance jump from a state-of-the-art system to a I-could-of-bought-a-speak-N-spell system. Voodoo based cards also have a history of running hot. Not a big deal, but this should be a consideration none-the-less.

    If you look hard enough, you should be able to find a site that sells a M3d II (8Mb)
    Or Try this:


    On the other hand, I'm sure there are still some people willing to buy your add-on from you... (I'll be looking for one in the next few weeks)

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