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Thread: help needed

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    help needed

    Has anybody used a gamepad such as the Logitech gamepad to play zelda 3 on a snes emulator? I want to play zelda 3 (on snes9x) with a gamepad if possible. And does it work with N64 emulators? Playing mario 64 with a gamepad would be a dream.
    Is there a way of making your digital pictures to become larger without having to loose quality? Eg. I have a picture at 400*300 that I want to turn into 800*600. How is that possible? Photoshop?

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    If you want to raise a res. you will definetly loose quality. But the more you enlarge it, the lesser quality it will be. Concerning the gamepad with an SNES emulator, just buy the damn game and/or system. SNES's are not too expensive. And about the N64 game with a gamepad, hope you get it to work.


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