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Thread: TNT2

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    Ok, I read reviews of voodoo3 and Tnt2 on Tom's hardware and I've decided to upgraded my voodoo banshee to Tnt2, however I read that this chipset doesn't support 3d-now too well, so I'm stuck for what to do. Are Nvidia going to correct this or am I stuck with 3dfx.
    I could always upgrade to P3 I suppose, but the K7 looks red hot so I think I'll wait for that.

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    Well, according to tom in his review, he stated that the newest drivers from nVIDIA was giving the TNT-2 SLI Voodoo2 performance on the k6-2 and k6-3, so I would not hesitate to get one.

    Sometimes I wonder...

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    You could always look to the new S4 (newest Savage) card as an alternative to the upcoming TNT2. The current Savage S3 card has 3dnow! optimizations to it already. S3 plans on supporting 3dnow! with their upcoming card as well.

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