which 3D card has 3Dnow! optimized drivers?
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Thread: which 3D card has 3Dnow! optimized drivers?

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    which 3D card has 3Dnow! optimized drivers?

    Im going to buy a K6 2.
    I want to know, which video cards suck the most performance kick out of the 3Dnow! technology...
    Ive heard the voodoo2 cards do it really impressive (in quake 2) and the G200 cards should work fine with it...
    I originally want to buy a TNT, but the drivers arent optimized, are they!?!

    What do you think?

    Thanx for replies!

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    Quake II runs great with 3D Now if you get AMD's Quake II software from their website. It runs especially good on a Voodoo 2. As for which card has the best 3D Now drivers? The manufacturers are updating their drivers constantly. Most of them claim to utilize 3D Now but how well varies from company to company. Each driver update improves performance. The TNT will be faster than the Matrox G200. If your main concern is playing Quake II, get the TNT and a Voodoo 2 (since the Voodoo 2 requires that you have a separate video card). I used that on my K6-2 300 and it worked great.

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