2.5" Enclosure recommendation please.
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Thread: 2.5" Enclosure recommendation please.

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    Red face 2.5" Enclosure recommendation please.

    I'm desperately looking for a USB 2.0/1.1 enclosure for my extra 2.5" EIDE HDs. There are just so many of these darn things flying around I have no idea which ones are decent and which ones end up in the recycling bin. I need something that can handle up to 100gbs and prefer something that uses bus power (doesn't need an external power source). It's just so sad to have so many laptop harddrives lying around and not be able to use them. If anyone could made a suggestion as to a manufacturer at least I would really appreciate it.

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    ebay my friend! for getting rid of the ones you dont use i mean...

    youre right, there are so many enclosure its impossible to tell how good or bad they all are. thats what makes newegg's reviews so good. its probably your best bet, if there are 10+ good reviews on a specific enclosure you should be fine.

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