I cannot find a driver for my DVD Writer
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Thread: I cannot find a driver for my DVD Writer

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    I cannot find a driver for my DVD Writer

    Please Please help!!

    I just purchased a Samsung SH-S182M DVD Writer and cannot find a driver to download for it! Samsungs website offers firmware and manuals for this model but not a driver. If anyone could help me with this issue I would really really appreciate it.

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    dvd writers don't need drivers. they are atapi devices. you DO need burner software like Nero.

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    Midknyte is correct.

    Any CD/DVD burner will always just be reconized as a standard reader/player until you install some kind of burning software. The software will then configure your DVD for writting.

    No other drivers are nessary.

    BTW, if you lack the funds to purchase burning software, there are freeware ones available. Google "freeware cd burning software" for a listing.
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    This page contains burning programs, including some freeware.

    A cd or dvd is an IDE device. Make sure the drive is correctly jumpered at the rear as a Master or Slave, depending how you've connected it. If it's on the same cable as an existing IDE device, like a hard drive or another cd or dvd drive, that is already set up as Master, your new drive should be changed to Slave. It probably would have come set as Master.

    If you still have problems, don't hesitate to ask again.
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