I recently built a new computer and am throwing around ideas about what to do with my old one. I was thinking I'd take the video card an monitor from my old computer and add it to my new one. I can then use this second display with my TV Tuner in my new computer. So, I'd have my new TNT with 21" monitor for normal use and a secondary 17" display for a TV. That's all and good but I then want to use the rest of my old computer as an add-on to my home entertainment system. I'd network it with my new PC and use it for MP3s, a CD player and maybe DVD. Who knows. Anyway, I don't want to buy another monitor and even if I had one I don't want a monitor sitting in my living room. SO, is there a cheap video card out there with decent TV out so I can use my TV as my monitor. I'd only need to see my "desktop" occasionally and wouldn't really care about the quality TOO much. Any ideas on this or other possible things to do with my hardware? Thanks!