Setting up CL GB RIVA TNT.....HELP?
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Thread: Setting up CL GB RIVA TNT.....HELP?

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    Setting up CL GB RIVA TNT.....HELP?

    Got a 16 MB PCI Graphics Blaster but I can't get the display to set up properly. I've turned on the assign IRQ to VGA Card on in the bios. Before, the system would hang and not boot to Win98. After I did this, it will boot to Win98, but I still get the message for display adapter settings are incorrect. I've tried using the Nvidia TNT drivers and the latest Creative Labs GB Riva TNT drivers. Nothing has worked so far. I have 64MB, a Cyrix 233MII on a TX pro mainboard....any help will be greatly appreciated. Post here, or email at
    Thanks a bunch.

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    Windows may assign wrong IRQ for the card.
    In the control panel select system icon, then
    select display driver and click on property
    tab, then resource tab, to see what IRQ is, depend on which slot you installed the CL-TNT ,it could be IRQ 10 or IRQ 11. If not these IRQ then change it manually.
    Another way to do it is delette all the video driver under display drive, then click on refresh, and let Windows re_detect the card.
    T have 2 CL_TNT cards and your problem
    similar to what I had when switch from other branch to CL-TNT. Good luck.

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