OMG! computer restarts over and over
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Thread: OMG! computer restarts over and over

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    OMG! computer restarts over and over

    Im flipping out right now so if I don't make much sense im sorry..

    My computer was on and the cat knocked out the power cord. Now when I try to start my computer it just restarts over and over again after the bios screen.

    I tried keeping the computer off for about 5 minutes with the power supply button off, and Ive also tried to reset the bios, nothing!

    I have a Abit KN8-SLI

    Please can someone tell me what happend? I just bought all these parts, computer has been running for a week now this happens, omg!

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    Did anything get jostled? Or did just the power cord pull loose?

    Does your system POST?

    Try to reset the CMOS. If you don't know how to do that via jumpers on the motherboard (that will be in your manual), try unplugging the machine from the wall, taking the battery out of the motherboard and letting it sit for a while-maybe 1/2 hour-long enough for the capacitors in the power supply to discharge. Then put the battery back in, replug it and try to fire it up-that should get you to the BIOS screen. Select defaults and see if you get going.

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    check the power supply and reset the CPU as well. PCs that restart could be numerous different things.
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    Since the actual problem is unknown I'd strip the box down to the mobo and PSU, reseat the RAM, CPU and video card and test it for POST. Then add the other components one at a time as though building it from scratch. You may find it to be laborious and time consuming but in the end you should be able to rule out what it isn't.
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