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Thread: bluetooth question

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    bluetooth question

    I am sorry it this is the wrong place to post this, but I wasn't sure. I have a bluetooth adapter attached to my desktop computer I use it to access my email through my Palm Tungsten T5. I would like to be able to access the desktop with headphones, would this work? Do I have to look for something before I buy the headphones? Are they all expensive? My question is can I acces them desktop through the bluetooth adapter with bluetooth headphones, if yes what type do I need?
    Sylvia Hayes

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    i believe thats what the bluetooth headphones do. my phone is bluetooth enabled, and i can have my pc speakers play the sound from the phone. i would imagine the headphones are supposed to work just like wired ones, yet i know for a fact the quality is usually degraded.

    because of that , even if you find some cheap bluetooth headphones i doubt they would sound very good. i would try to get the best set you can, sound quality can vary greatly. and of course, more money doesnt always mean better. you will just have to do some googling for different reviews on the models of headphones your looking at.

    there are different versions of bluetooth, like class 1 and 2. class 1 is the long range and 2 is the short range i think. im guessing ( i dont know for sure) that you will be looking at around $100 for a decent pair of bluetooth headphones. just a guess though, based on what good normal wired headphones cost

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