Problem installing NFS Carbon Demo..
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Thread: Problem installing NFS Carbon Demo..

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    Problem installing NFS Carbon Demo..

    Hi Guys,

    I recently downloaded the demo, and when I try to install it it gives me an error about 2 min in saying that I need an updated version of DirectX (it says that it needs DirectX 0 to install properly)....I'm assuming it means 10?? Is that even out yet.

    I checked the system requirements and it mentioned DX9 compatible cards work ok. My specs are listed in my sig...

    I downloaded it via torrent, is it possible that it's maybe corrupt or something? Is there an official download for it on EA's site?


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    You need the latest DirectX DLLs. Every month Microsoft releases an updated DirectX installer with some new DLLs.
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    create a shortcut to the exe file that runs the game. right click on the shortcut and go into properties and run it in windows 2000 compatibility.

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