Add drive to Raid Array. - Re-installing the software
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Thread: Add drive to Raid Array. - Re-installing the software

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    Add drive to Raid Array. - Re-installing the software

    I have DELL PowerEdge 2400 with five(5) 9GB drives.
    The system is running Windows XP pro.
    The system is setup with one array that has five(5) 9GB drives.
    Can I add another drive to my array without re-installing the software?
    Do I need some Server software that runs with Windows XP?
    Thank You
    Bob Whitman
    [email protected]

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    The first useful thing to know would be how the current array(s) is configured, and especially how many spares were defined when it was set up. Adding drives to for instance a single 5 drive RAID5 or RAID0 array would differ from (off the top of my head) A single boot drive with 2 RAID1 combined into a larger RAID1 or RAID0.

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    The short answer is no. You could do software stuff with dynamic disks to use an extra drive as more space on the same volume, but it wouldn't in any way be part of the RAID for things like fault tolerance -- if that new drive died, the data on it is gone.
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