Why Dont They Make Large Capacity Flash Memory Hard Drives?
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Thread: Why Dont They Make Large Capacity Flash Memory Hard Drives?

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    Why Dont They Make Large Capacity Flash Memory Hard Drives?

    they do- http://www.devlib.org/blog/2006/03/2...d-state-drive/

    its finally begun in a realistic way. 95% less power usage for triple the speed. technology is finally catching harddrives up to the rest of the system.

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    From what I've heard, they do plan on shifting some storage to solid-state in the near future. Considering that you can buy 1GB SD and Memory sticks for $15, the time has to be coming where we can see these in HD form. lol, I remember an article a while back where a guy hooked 4 1GB iPod shuffles into a USB hub and ran it in RAID. Can't remember how it performed, but people are thinking about it.

    Also, I think Vista will make use of memory sticks to improve boot times. Last time I plugged my 256mb drive, I got the attached message:
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    also, vista is designed to take advantage of hybrid drives. normal harddrives that have large flash memory buffers or something like that. they are supposed to be the link between ancient hdd's and new completely solid-state.

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    Bottom line,
    I would guess at costs involved.
    I hope it really does catch on,
    Since that should cause overall lower prices.
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    But we will still have to have a 1.34 floppy drive to load sata drivers for vista
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