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Thread: Now Running Dual Monitors!

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    Talking Now Running Dual Monitors!

    Hi, I jus set up another TFT, so now I have two running side by side. Only problem is, well for example...

    I'm playing a game/movie in fullscreen on monitor 1. But I have an MSN chat window open on monitor 2. Now when I click on the chat window, the game/video that is running in fullscreen on the 1st monitor comes out of fullscreen and either minimises or goes into a windowed mode.

    With these new Nvidia drivers etc they must have a way to stop this surely?!
    I have an Nvidia 6800 AGP card.

    Any help would be great, as this is almost (due to the window modes and minimising) just what I needed, and this is the one and only issue I have!

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    If you have configured an extended desktop this is a normal behavior. I think that the only way to go around this is to setup as dual-head instead of xinorama, at least this is the behavior under linux.

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    Well I seem to have gotten it to only show the start bar at the bottom of the screen when clicking away from the video, which is ok. But I still have a problem with full screen games, which still minimize

    I also have a few more things to sort out now, one is the screensaver. At first it was spanning across both monitors, and it has the option in the savers settings, which is still enabled but after the first time, now it is noticible that it's been stretched but it does not show on the 2nd monitor.

    The second thing is, when watching a video on one monitor, if not using the 2nd monitor, is there an option or program that will turn the monitor on stand-by automatically, so that I can take it out stand-by mode by just moving the mouse or something, so that the video playback on monitor one is not disturbed too much?

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    Ok here's another pickle! I only tried running counter-strike as a 3D game, when I run a proper full screen game on the main monitor such as the Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time, I cant access any other windows on the 2nd monitor at all!

    "If your secondary monitor is to the right of the primary monitor, and you play a game which changes the resolution of the primary monitor, the windows on the secondary monitor will be shifted to the edge of the monitor. This is an issue with DirectX. Workarounds:
    • make the primary monitor the right-most monitor before playing the game
    • change the display resolution manually before playing the game"

    There must be a way around this!
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