I just undertook a basic CD/DVD drive swap in my two computers (2 each comp) and I read somewhere on the net saying I needed to uninstall drive from device manager before physically removing it. I originally chose to replace my Sony DVD-ROM drive with a Asus DVD-RW one so I uninstalled it. Then I changed my mind and removed my Phillips CD-RW instead and in its place, installed my ASUS Multi DVD-RW Drive (next to the Sony).

Started up computer and Windows doesn't recognise both of them. I don't have the installation CD for the Sony and the website only has firmware updates which are useless to me (same with the Asus!).

Tried restoring computer but that didn't work. Tried looking on net for drivers but didn't find any. Tested the wiring and lights flash so its 'on' but unuseable...so I'm stuck. Would BIOS checking help if those 2 drives don't show up in my comp, device manager etc?

Any help would be appreciated!


ETA I did a search to see if this topic was covered to no avail...I hope this issue isn't too obvious to be tedious! LOL