I am in the market for a new TV.

Originally I was looking into a Sony KD-34XBR970 (CRT) and was ready to buy it as well as the stand and that would have been $1300 for a 200lb TV.

After doing some thinking, why should I spend that much on a 34inch TV that will wight 200lbs when I could spend that much on a bigger LCD TV.

I know the quality of a CRT cannot be matched but the space required for a big CRT like the KD-34XBR970 is hard to come by.

I am now thinking about going with a LCD TV in the 37inch range. I have been looking into the Viewsonic N3760w and am looking for input on that as well as input on any other TV.

I would like to keep this around $1000 but as I said above, I was willing to play $1300 for a TV and matching stand so I can be pursuaded to a higher price if it is worth it.

I will also note this display will be used as a TV only and I will not be using it as a computer screen.

TIA for any feedback