OK, so I have an ATI 1900xtx and an Acer 2032W TFT. Now I'm still not that great a fan of TFTs for fast games, but it's an IPS that worked well for MMOs and the like. It's also an 1680x1050 widescreen.

The first problem? It's cretinous enough to report itself as an 1600x1200. Still with any Nvidia card I could just tell the detonators to send an 1680x1050 image to the TFT and let the TFT rescale it. (Since it's its native resolution, no scaling happened.)

The _real_ problem? Obviously some cretin at ATI decided that, nah, let's not trust the user or Windows drivers. Let's not trust the TFT to be able to rescale the image itself either.

It reads the 1600x1200 info from the monitor, and from there the _only_ options are:

A) The card will scale the image for me to 1600x1200.

B) The card will center the image in an 1600x1200 image and output that to the TFT.

In both cases then the monitor resizes it again, since 1600x1200 isn't actually its native resolution. It's so fuzzy it makes my eyes water.

There's no way to even ****ing get a widescreen resolution, scaled or not. So even with the fuzzy double-rescaling, I can't actually get a resolution that uses the whole screen surface.

And yes, it happens with the 6.6 Catalysts too. That's why I'm trying this monitor again: the release notes promised to fix the problem of missing 1680x1050 resolution. Nope, obviously it still doesn't work. (And FFS, it's been known at least since the 5.7 Catalysts.)

But seriously, what gets on my nerves is the cretinous attitude that, nah, they know better than the user. There's no way to override it, there's no way to tell it to use the Windows driver for that info, there's no way to tell it to just freakin' output the image as it is and let the monitor do the scaling. Nah, some cretin at ATI decided that I'm obviously too much of an idiot to be trusted with such high-tech options. Once it detects a DVI cable, that's that, all those options are gone.

And you know what? I wish that that kind of cretins would die a slow painful death already.

You know what else? I've just about had enough of ATI anyway.