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Thread: AlienWare Customer Support ****s

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    Exclamation AlienWare Customer Support ****s

    Received an Aurora 700A today (two weeks late) from Alienware. Right out of the box it didn't work. Spent two hours with tech support and he had me take the laptop apart three times to help him diagnose the problem. He finally decided that there were two new parts needed which he wanted to charge to my credit card and would not guarantee that it would work. When I told him that we lived close to Miami and could bring the machine in he said it would take a month to fix. At that point I told him I was returning the laptop which took him by surprise and he had to get special approval. I sent it back and went to Circuit City and bought a high end Sony which did work out of the box.

    This is a company who may make a good machine but if you have problems be prepared for a very difficult time. I wouldn't take a chance again nor would I recommend them to anyone.

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    I feel your pain. Here is the link to my post here on this forum about my Alienware Nightmare. After a long 5 month battle though, I got a 100% refund. With that, I bought the parts for and built my gaming system (in signaure) and still had enough to buy an Acer 5672 laptop. Good luck with the return.

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    Exclamation Refund is Coming from Alienware

    I was so ticked off at Alienware that I asked to speak to a supervisor and of course he was in a meeting. Then I told him that I was returning the computer and disputing the charge. At that point he said he had to talk to someone. He then came back and said my refund will be posted to my credit card in 3 days and gave me a return authorization number. If it's not there by the time the payment is due I will dispute the charge. This outfit was recently bought by Dell who have a good reputation with customer service. I am going to giove feedback to Alienware and Dell. This outfit should not be able to continue with this kind of customer service.

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    Similar story; my Alienware Nightmare

    I too have had months of hell with the Alienware/Dell bunch of losers. Read my blog post on

    It is STILL not over yet. Every time I think there's an end, there isn't.

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    Do you think this is related to the takeover (i.e. transition difficulties) or have they always been rubbish?

    Dell customer service isn't too bad considering their size/reach, IMHO.

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    Always been rubbish. Whats up with supervisors and meetings.. seems like thats the standard line from everyone lol.
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    Thank God I went somewhere else for my Son's expensive laptiop after hearing all of the forum's advice..

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