this is my first time to post with this forum so thanks in advance for any help from all of you.

The problem is with vivo and crossfire I want both features to work.
I have read that you can still have crossfire with the slave card in the primary slot and if the cards are configured this way vivo should work. Can any one out there tell me is this so?
that is to say has anyone tried this? switching the cards around to see if crossfire will work?

from ati they say no! from other support forums they have threads that start to talk about it but the members don't finish the switch and post the result.

I have the x1900xt and the x1900 master card configured right now for crossfire but I use vivo just as much, ( or did that is )

I switched from navida ( nt 7800gt ) to crossfire when they phased out this card and I could not get a second one. I now have the ati set up but very dissapointed if I can't have both features.

HELP please