WinXp SvcvPk2-HDD Size
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Thread: WinXp SvcvPk2-HDD Size

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    WinXp SvcvPk2-HDD Size

    Hi Guys,
    I have just built a new computer, had alot of problems with it, using the most basic config could only get it to boot from the HDD if every time I started it I left the window setup disk in the CD Rom drive, and that took 4 minutes to get to that stage. To cut a long story short, in the end I changed the W/Digital 320Gb IDE HDD to a Seagate 40Gb Ide HDD, formatted installed winXp and everthing is working great. My question is, does windows XpSvc Pk2 have a problem with large capacity drives, and should I have made smaller partitions on it, or do you think my drive was and is faulty

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    Most likely the drive was bad.

    The original issue of XP has a 27GB limit-- it would see larger drives, but would only report teh first 27GB or somesuch. Service Pack 1 fixed that problem, so in your case, (I read your other thread), I think eithe rthe motherboard was trying to boot off Sata and ignoring the IDE drive (there is a BIOS setting on that, which I believe someone pointed out), or the drive in question was faulty in some way.

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    Resolved issue noted at other thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by BobH
    Thanks Guys,
    W/Digital set their jumpers up differently, went to the WD site and followed their instructions... everything is working ok now
    Thanks again and Regards
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