I realy wish that you can help me. I want to introduce myself firstly; I am a student in the last

year in the faculty of Engeneering, Department of Electronics and communication, and i realy

need some help in my Graduation Project. My Project is about Wireless Webcam . I have have a

digital Camera on card (C3188A) which use immage sensor (OV7620). I also have a DSP Chip

with serial number (TMS320VC33PGE150). I need your help in the following:

1. How can I recieve the output of the Camera on the DSP Chip and compress it by the means of

Video Compression, and obtain compressed data on the serial port with boud rate 20 Kb/S.

2. I want the high level C-language compiler for the DSP Chip.

3. I want to know how can i make external memeory interface on the DSP Chip.

I need this help as soon as possible and as soon as you can because i can't find these information

on the webpage of your company and the explanation of the user guide of the user DSP Chip is so

complex and hard on me.

I will be very grateful if you send these informations as soon as possible.

Reply on my e-mail( [email protected]).

Thank you so much.

Mohamed Shawki.