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Thread: Hard Drives for a new system

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    Question Hard Drives for a new system

    Hi All,

    I read that when setting up a new system because of all the large capacity HDD around you need to buy a small 70or 80GB HDD so that the system will boot faster?

    Is this true? Do I need the 70 or 80GB HDD or can I just use my 250GB.

    I did not see in the article whether they were talking about the large hard drives ere setup with raid or no.

    I assume if your startup drive has raid then there could be a problem.

    My CPU is going to be either and AMD Athalon 64 x2 4400+ or whatever Intel prodduces for conroe



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    where did you read that? you can use the 250 for the boot drive just fine. a 80G drive would probably be slower than a 250G drive.

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    Thanks saves me money. Means I can get my new machine started earlier

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    hdd read/write speed is related to the rotational speed and platter density. so given the same rpm, the larger hdd should be faster.

    i think that you are talking about people buying faster rpm (10k) hdd for the boot hdd. these higher rpm hdd are more expensive per gb than the 7200rpm hdd, so you would get a small faster rpm boot hdd and a larger capacity 7200rpm hdd for data storage.

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