Hi guys,

My buddy lives out east, so we can't see eachother much throughout the year, but we do video conference via our webcams on MSN Messenger.

It works great, just like a video telephone. Now that we have the bugs worked out, everything is running smoothly.

The only problem is, on his end, when he moves his camera to show me something else in the room, it will freeze up. It's almost like his webcam just can't handle that quick change of scenery, and the playback will just hang.

Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to wave thier hand in front of it. The other night, he turned the camera to his new TV to show me and it froze.

He originally had a lot more problems with his webcam, but since then he has bought a better one (Logitech QuickCam Messenger) and I installed a PCI USB card for him, just in case his onboard USB ports were to blame.

Any ideas guys?

It's not a real big deal as it works fine, just as long as he doesn't move the camera, hehe...

Thanks for any help,


I should probably add that he has downloaded the latest drivers from Logitech as well.