Compaq Presario Notebook Motherboard
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Thread: Compaq Presario Notebook Motherboard

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    Compaq Presario Notebook Motherboard

    I just have a quick question.

    I'm working on a notebook for a friend and looks like the motherboard is shot. The notebook is a presario 2720US and he's found a motherboard on ebay that is listed as a 2700. Are they compatible? Will the 2700 go into the 2720US?


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    My guess would be yes if they have a numbering scheme like HP. Basically the 2700 would be a series? I am guessing though. I would compare pictures of the mobo's. Does the seller have any high res pics of the mobo? Without having the mobo that is the only way to tell.

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    I moved you over to mobile.

    I checked HP's site, and it looks like you might get lucky:

    What you need is the part number on the motherboard. It appears that HP used the same part for both notebooks in the list. Either way, HP's website is a good place to start when it comes to part compatibility.

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