Will Wirless spread after 2008?
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Thread: Will Wirless spread after 2008?

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    Will Wirless spread after 2008?

    Do you guys think that with the upcoming termination of over the air broadcasting that this could spell the proliferation of wireless ISP network services? I know it seems like a good oportunity to get in on the ground floor if this will be the case especially in security since from experience I know that many people and services don't bother to secure their connections. Just sniffing around with my PSP just in my own apt complex I can find about a dozen open connections A few people that I've met I've told them they should or taught them how to secure it but there is still a large number of open lines
    At the same time I wonder if this won't come to pass since many of the services waiting to bid on the bandwidth are cell carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon who only seem interested in spreading their own services. Any comments on this?
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