TNT with Unreal
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Thread: TNT with Unreal

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    TNT with Unreal

    I have the latest patch for unreal so I could use my TNT card with it. I used to use my Monster 3D which somehow at the moment gives better visual effects than the TNT card. But the frame rates with the TNT are F@#$*N incredible!!!

    Maybe the the Unreal 3D engine is based on the 3DFX chip. Who knows?

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    I have the Diamond TNT card, Unreal works just fine.

    Dell C640 Laptop (wireless) or my trusty old desktop system:
    Abit BH-6 PIII 800e (100mhz) 192 Meg RAM PC100 Gainward GeForce2 Ti/450 SB Live Value Sony 8X/4X/32X Viewsonic 19"
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    Unreal was made around the 3dfx Glide API. This is an API somewhat like Direct3d, which offers better rendering quality and speed than Direct3d. Only drawback is that only 3dfx products can run it.

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