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    Frame rate

    When playing games such as Quake II, how do you know or measure the frame rate of your video card. Is there a program to measure it ?

    Dale Mc

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    Nope. It's actually already in a lot of games. In Quake II, to get an instantaneous frame rate, go into the console and type "timerefresh" (minus quotes of course). To run a timedemo (much more accurate), go into the console, type "killserver", type "timedemo 1", then type "map 'name of map'.dm2". Ex: map demo1.dm2. This will run the demo1 demo included in Quake II. This demo isn't very good for getting accurate benchmarks. To get a good estimate of how low your framerates are getting, go to and download the crusher.dm2, and put it in your baseq2\demos directory, and run it. If you get above 25fps, you've got a great video card!

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