sata heat problem
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Thread: sata heat problem

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    sata heat problem

    i have a mainboard msi k8mm-v and while i was using ide disk with it no problem but if i attach a sata disk temperature runs up. i dont know how to prevent it. at first it was when i attach ide and sata together, but now if i attach only sata it makes too. goes to dangerous zone. i changed psu, updated with new via chipset sata drivers,.. case is already open and disks are not too close. already it is not a that kind of problem. please can anyone help me. what i will do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juniorx
    ... case is already open and disks are not too close...
    If the temperature of the SATA HDD is within HDD manufacturers' specifications,
    No need for concern.
    "I know nothing."

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