ATI Radeon x850 Platinum Pro beeping error
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Thread: ATI Radeon x850 Platinum Pro beeping error

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    ATI Radeon x850 Platinum Pro beeping error


    About a month and a half my video card started beeping and soon enough games started going slow and crashing. I noticed temperatures on the card where reaching well over 80 degrees. I sent the video card for repairs and was tested "defective" and fixed. Before I sent it games would crash PC and the screen would turn into an array of colors. Now that I have it back I can play games but it's been only one day and I already heard the first beep. I am sure this warns of high temperature in the VGA. Now, could this be that the Fan on the card is defective? Should I not bother sending it again and simply buy a cooler for the VGA? If so, I was thinking about the ThermalTake Tide Cooler (water cooler). I have read awesome reviews about it. What do you suggest? I am currently discourage with the whole situation, I want to be able to play games on this expensive (at the time I bought it one year ago it had just come out) video card.

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    Remember that if you replace the stock cooling you will invalidate any warranty left on the card. The fact is that it should work with the stock cooling, providing you haven't o/c'd the card, so I think your best bet would be to return the card again and explain that the "fixed" card had exactly the same problem, and you want a replacement this time.
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    I found this recommending installing ATI Tools and cranking up the fan speed. You may have already done this.

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