Hi. I have a few year old Dell Dimension 8250. it is 2.4ghz 512mb ram. came with nvidia geforce4 mx 420 64mb video card (agp 8x). needless to say the card is not spectacular. came with DELL M782p monitor. using windows xp sp2. i cannot determine my current psu but i am guesstimating it's is in the range of 200-300W with probably a bad 12v rating in amperes. anyway, its a guess. (if theres anything i left out that is necessary let me know)

So, i wanted to upgrade my video card. and i found that a sapphire ati x1300 256mb 8x would be a good fit. so i bought it. i installed drivers. i put in the new card. and lo and behold, something didnt work right. my display didnt turn on, saying theres no signal (theres a light on my monitor that is yellow when teh pc is off and green when its on. it was yellow when i turned pc on wiht new card). at this point i am unsure of whether it is the monitor's fault or my old psu's fault, or something else. is the monitor incompatible with the card or is the psu not giving enough power to the card? im leaning towards the latter. however, my video card's fan was working...does that mean there was enough power? or is the fan independent of the card's needed power (will it still turn if the card isnt getting enough?).

anyway, my real question is this: considering my situation, should i order Enermax EG365P-VE FMA from newegg or will i be needing a new monitor? if u can recommend a better psu with a nice 12v rating but under 50bucks i would rly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. i greatly appreciate your hep.