I recently bought a Gateway Solo 9300 Laptop at auction. The thing was as-is and I have no support from them. Anyway I started the system and the only thing that happens is a get a couple of beeps, the system information displays, and I get to choose either F1 to continue or F2 to enter setup. If I choose F1 to continue the system goes to a blank screen with a blue box asking me for the Primary HDD Password. If I choose F2 and go into setup it asks me for a BIOS Password. I know niether of these passwords (possibly the same one). I disassembled the laptop and took out the CMOS battery for about 45 minutes to see if that would help. No luck. I am not sure if I should pull the battery again and leave it out for 24 hours. I don't even know if that would help. I can't get to the C: Drive at all nor will the system boot off of a floppy, so I can't get to the A: drive either in order to use a password retrieval program of some type. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.