Getting a laptop for my main (and ONLY) computer
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Thread: Getting a laptop for my main (and ONLY) computer

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    Getting a laptop for my main (and ONLY) computer

    I currently have a desktop and Dell D600 laptop. I also have a Dell Axim x3i PDA and I feel like I have too many things so I'm deciding on selling both laptop and desktop computers and getting a good laptop to replace both as a portable and desk PC. I want to keep my PDA for portable MP3 player and such since I have a 1GB SD card.

    Here's my current setup on my desktop.

    AMD Barton XP 2500+ (overclocked to a stable 3200+ at 400mhz FSB)
    Shuttle AN35-Ultra nForce2 Motherboard
    80gb Samsung 7200RPM 2MB Cache HD
    Made by ATi Radeon 9800PRO 128MB
    512mb PC3200 and 256mb PC2100 RAM. Not sure of the brand. Cheap though.
    3.5 inch 12-in-1 flash card reader plus 1 USB 2.0
    4 extra USB 2.0 through PCI slots
    Memorex Double Layer 16x DVD +/-RW
    Maybe add my 17" Polyview LCD if I get a laptop with a big screen.

    The D600 specs are as follows:

    Pentium M 1.4ghz
    512mb DDR PC2700?
    40GB 5200RPM drive (white label)
    14.1 SXGA LCD
    AC Adapter
    Good battery

    So, how much do you guys reckon I could sell these two computers for and what laptop (used, new, refurbished) I could buy with the estimated amount of money? Also, I would like this to be a sub-par gaming machine, as well. Maybe, it can have a graphics card close to the performance of the 9800PRO. I'm not looking for something ultra-portable or anything like that. I mostly would have it as a desktop computer and take it on a trip when needed.

    I've looked on eBay and I'm considering the Dell Inspiron 6000D with the Radeon x300 card. Anyone else object with this?

    edit: Don't mind my signature specs. I haven't updated it since a year ago.
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