RIVA TNT As a 2D Accelerator! Help!
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Thread: RIVA TNT As a 2D Accelerator! Help!

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    RIVA TNT As a 2D Accelerator! Help!

    Hey! I am Using a P233mmx With 64Mb EDO Ram And Win95, I notice on reivews that the Riva TNT chip Use More CPU Then The Vodoo Banshee, BUT! if I need a Graphic Card for 2D work like Photoshop and Freehand and from Time to time to play a nice 3D game, ( I am NOT A gamer I am more of a 2D User Who Playes Games From Time To Time....) will The RIVA TNT Will Give Me Good 2D and avarage 3D On My system, I don't Need high preformance on games, I mean on My p233mmx will the riva TNT Give Me Above 20fps in 800X600 Games? What About 640X480?

    I need a PCI Version

    Please Help Me! Thank you!

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    I know I will not be very popular for saying this: RivaTNT on slow computers sucks - it simple needs an Intel Pentium II 400MHz+ processor to work good.
    I will recommend you to buy a Banshee Card: When you are using PCI, CreativeLabs' Voodoo Banshee might be the best - else ASUS's Banshee.


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