keyboard vs. joystick
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Thread: keyboard vs. joystick

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    keyboard vs. joystick

    i just got return to castle wolfenstien and allied invasion. yea, i know, old stuff, but so am i. anyway, being a two finger keyboard challenged typist, left handed, slightly dyslexic and a little arthritic i was wondering if a joystick would work. if so, what would ya'll recomend? 30$ to 50$.

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    Joysticks don't really cut it anymore. Not since 'look' movement is throught the mouse and the rest via keys.

    Joysticks which work are usually more complicated than keyboards and requires dexterity (of which you say you are lacking).

    Typing skills and game playing keyboard skills are a world apart
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    Yes, you would have to use at least a joystick and the keyboard for control in most games. Using a mouse and keyboard is your best option, although you should invest in a better set if you are concerned about your health.

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