"I am computer literate! I have 22 years..."
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Thread: "I am computer literate! I have 22 years..."

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    "I am computer literate! I have 22 years..."

    This is a must read:

    Register story here.

    Full email correspondence here.

    The heartland turned vicious this week when an Oklahoma town threatened to call in the FBI because its web site was hacked by Linux maker Cent OS. Problem is CentOS didn't hack Tuttle's web site at all. The city's hosting provider had simply botched a web server.

    This tale kicked off yesterday when Tuttle's city manager Jerry Taylor fired off an angry message to the CentOS staff. Taylor had popped onto the city's web site and found the standard Apache server configuration boilerplate that appears with a new web server installation. Taylor seemed to confuse this with a potential hack attack on the bustling town's IT infrastructure.
    With apologies to the other residents of the state, this is how they were labelled "Okies".

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    LOL what a genius.
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    By the way, what does BTW stand for?

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    ...city manager Jerry Taylor...computer systems engineering and operation...
    Wonder which august institution(s) saw fit to let him graduate?
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    In the idiot's defense, the CentOS replies could have been a little more helpful and a lot less rude. It was obvious the guy didn't know what he was talking about and the 5 minutes it took to get the webhost information was a whole lot easier and more helpful than 24 hours of angry emails repeating techspeak that was going over the idiot's head.

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    I love the bit about "sensing Bin Laden was near" !

    maybe that [email protected] will engage his brain next time, before he starts using his 22 years of computer experience to make wild, baseless accusations.
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